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LISTING PROPERTY:  If you are a current property owner or agent with a listing in our community and want the information posted on this website, please send the following information to the email listed above:   1) Lot #;  2) Physical Address if you have it;  3) Size of the property in Acres;   4) Short written description of the property;  5) the list price;  6) name & contact number or email .   You will be responsible for facilitating the showing of any property listing.  Postings will stay up for 90 days and then removed unless we are requested by email to renew them.

We are a Property Owners Association and as such we are managed and run by CCR’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) )and Bylaws.   Both are attached links below for your review and consideration.   

Mercer’s Preserve at Lake ComancheBy Laws PDF
Mercer’s Preserve at Lake Comanche – CCR’s LCPOA