Nestled in the heart of central Texas in the northern part of the hill country, outside the town of Comanche, there is a gated community of 148 parcels of land, ranging from 2 to 20 acres on approximately 1140 acres.  Lake Comanche, a 260 acre lake, is the center of this community with approximately 60 acres of common area including 2 community owned docks and a boat ramp.  The community is comprised of 3 separate gated sections along the lake on FM3200. 

It is a designated nature preserve, which means the land is managed to preserve it’s flora, fauna and physical features.  We consider it our little piece of paradise, where the stars shine very bright in our nighttime sky. 

We are centrally located; about 2 hours SW of Ft Worth, 2 hours NW of Austin, 2 hours SE of Abilene, and 5 miles south of Comanche off Hwy 16.

We are a 501-3c and are incorporated as such in the State of Texas.  We are governed and managed by Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) and ByLaws.   You will find the CCRs and Bylaws for our Property Owners Association (POA) on the Contact Us page

Since this is a private community, to get access you will need to work directly with a real estate agent or property owner found on our Properties for Sale page.